Biography for Melinda Clements


          Melinda is starting her 16th year (2006) teaching in Crane ISD in Crane, Texas.  She teaches secondary education in the areas of Senior English IV and Multimedia.  She has a BA in Mass Communications and a MS in Education.  She is certified in Health, English, Technology and Literature Arts.

          She is also a freelance writer who uses her talent as a pastoral tool to teach and witness to others about the love of Jesus Christ.  She also writes for Super Looper Magazine, Dally Times, and other publications doing specialty stories about rodeo, team roping, and other horse related events.

            Using her writing as an avenue to witness and bring others to Christ Melinda has formed and established her own ministry.  It is called Perceptions Ministry and her God's Cowboy Corner branches off from there.  Using her writing, her music, and her gift of counseling and insight she sends out daily devotionals online or through the mail in a monthly newsletter.  She is also available for counseling and Christian guidance.

          Melinda plays acoustical guitar and makes every attempt to sing once in awhile.  She also does music and teaching for Mission Odessa Cowboy Church in Odessa, Texas

          She is also a member of American Association of Christian Counselors and teaches and preaches whenever she has the opportunity.

          Melinda lives on a 50,000-acre cattle ranch in West Texas with her husband, Bob, who is a team roper, four cats, four dogs, and a number of other animals.  She has two children, Ben and Brandi.

            Sometimes known as a teacher, preacher, poet, musician, and road scholar Melinda loves music, animals, the outdoors, and writing.  “I guess I’m just a jack of all trades, so to speak,” she says, “living on a ranch you do everything from ditch digging to cow work and cooking in between.” 

          “Animals are my passion,” she says, “we have all kinds, dogs, cats, horses, and all the typical farm and ranch animals to name just a few.  We’ve had foxes, coons, coyotes, bobcats, rabbits, and baby calves at any given point in time.”  Serving as an animal rehabilitation center, Melinda and her family have successfully adopted misplaced or mistreated animals and served as a place for rehab in order to introduce them back to their wildlife habitat.  “It is something we kind of stumbled onto through the years and has worked well.  Of course living on a ranch of about 50,000 acres helps."  She also finds home for lost and abandoned animals that show up on her doorstep quiet regularly. 

Melinda's favorite saying:

"To those who believe in God, no explanation is necessary.  To those who do not, no explanation is possible!"



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